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The Robert Bosch Stiftung is a foundation that finances and oversees as many as 800 charitable projects annually. Here’s your chance to find out which fields we are active in.

Corporate culture
Values that unite


Our corporate culture makes us unique. It is part of why our associates are proud to work for Bosch. It creates a special bond. And it guides our actions and our interactions with one another. That’s how we are building a successful future together.

We created the “House of Orientation” as a frame of reference for all associates that sets forth explicitly what our goals are, how we work together and what we as a company stand for.


What guides us:

Our vision

Our vision “Creating value – sharing values” stands for our corporate goal. We strive to create value with innovative, beneficial products. This will ensure our sustained success so we can retain our entrepreneurial freedom and financial independence – which in turn allow us to act according to our convictions and to take on social and environmental responsibility.


Our mission

Our mission helps us achieve our vision. We need outstanding accomplishments and continuous improvement in order to achieve long-term success. The title of our mission, “BeQIK,” summarizes what’s most important: quality (Q), innovation (I), customer orientation (K for the German term “Kundenorientierung”) and speed.

Our values, core competencies and management systems

In order to turn our vision into reality, our values are just as important as our core competencies. We also use tools that ensure we can keep improving and adapt quickly. That is exactly what our management systems do.