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"What I have cherished the most in my tenure at Bosch has been the world of opportunities and the freedom to perform."

Bosch worldwide

We are successful throughout the world. Take a look at the countries we operate in.

Going abroad with Bosch
Go international!


Bosch is a global player. So we need people who can move confidently in global circles. Your career at Bosch calls for international experience. We have been sending associates around the world successfully for over a century. With that kind of ex-perience, you know you’ll be perfectly prepared and everything will be organized to run smoothly – for you and your family.

When you take up an assignment abroad for Bosch, we provide thorough support from start to finish. Naturally, your family is always part of the deal.


What you’ll get out of your assignment abroad

You’ll reap nothing but rewards from your assignment abroad. Learn to move confidently in an intercultural context while at the same time reflecting on your own cultural background and sharpening vital social skills such as tolerance and cool-headedness. And, of course, you can also forge valuable contacts and improve your foreign language skills.


Our support system:

Before you go

We discuss with you the terms and all organizational matters relevant to your stay abroad and give you the chance to gain insights on a reconnaissance trip to your host country. Language courses, intercultural training, and introductory seminars will help you start off on the right foot. Plus, we’ll naturally help you and your family relocate.


During your stay

An experienced executive will support you as a mentor during your stay. We also help you integrate as quickly as possible with measures such as special workshops. We truly live our corporate culture at each of our locations all over the world. That means you’ll feel right at home anywhere.

Upon your return

We’ll also support you and your family when you return to your home country. We help you plan and organize your move and get accustomed again quickly. Your mentor will also be happy to help you at this stage.