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I consider the LeaD program as not only a training program but a true guide to the managers.

Bosch takes a lot of care and a lot of planning in seeing that the employees get the right training.

Top class


From technical or business know-how to quality management, facilitation and language skills – our wide range of top-tier training courses will ensure that you continually broaden your capabilities. We help you advance with specialist and leadership seminars.

Within our Bosch Training Centre - India we offer standardized and high quality trainings. As an employee of Bosch you have an option to attend those trainings that will help you most with your daily tasks. Moreover these trainings are of world standard and thus are delivered in a highly professional manner and helping you gain most from them.


Our seminar offerings at a glance

Technology Competence

Under this module a large number of trainings are offered to the employees on multiple topics under Auditor Qualification and Quality Management. An example of one such training would be the 8D method, where you get the benefit of a tried-and-trusted quality management tool. Learn the eight steps to follow in order to effectively resolve technical problems with suppliers and which strategies to apply. In a similar way to the Six Sigma process, 8D helps you get to the bottom of a problem rather than simply treating its symptoms. As a result, you’ll not only be able to eliminate hitches but also prevent them from happening.


Business Administration

Under this particular module trainings are given on a large number of topics like access and identity management, accounts and finance, controlling, human resource management, sales and marketing as well as supply chain. One such training that is done as part of sales and marketing is on negotiations. When dealing with clients or co-workers, being able to coherently argue a case and negotiate skilfully is essential if you want to build trust, steer discussions in a particular direction or push your agenda through. We provide instruction on the necessary methods, strategies and tactical manoeuvres. Role-play recreating situations in your job will help make these techniques second nature so that you’re even more self-assured in future interactions.

Methodological Competence

Under this module Product Engineering and Project Management are the main focus. An example of one such training would be the one on facilitation. Successful team and project work depends largely on everyone getting behind the same goals. In our facilitation courses, you learn to motivate on and guide groups in discussions, workshops or meetings. Explore methods of effective preparation as well as compelling ways of illustrating ideas and winning others over to your way of thinking. Practical exercises give you the chance to hone your communication and questioning techniques. In addition, you’ll receive tips on handling unforeseen situations.


Leadership Competence

Under this module varied trainings are conducted to build the leadership skills of individuals, they include trainings on communication, conflict management, project management and many more. One interesting topic is the Business Womens Program which helps understand mixed leadership and success through self marketing. Another such interesting training would be the one on intercultural competence. To help you work successfully with customers and co-workers from around the world, we give you helpful insights into different cultures. Learn, for instance, how to tactfully offer praise or criticism, how to deal with stereotypes as well as how to correctly interpret gestures and facial expressions in other countries. Acquire a keen awareness of cultural differences and gain added confidence in interacting with people from different backgrounds.


In an international group such as Bosch, you need to communicate with co-workers beyond your national borders on an almost daily basis. For such purposes, our main language is English, but we also help you master other languages such as German. Courses are tailored to your needs – depending on whether you want to refresh your knowledge, expand your vocabulary to include specialist terminology or learn a language from scratch.