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“The PreMaster Program is an ideal opportunity to put what you learned in your bachelor’s degree into practice before embarking on a master’s.”

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students@bosch: our student program

We keep in touch with dedicated students, building a relationship that will form the basis of a future together. Discover all the advantages of this program.

Unparalleled cooperation with the scientific community

Discover what goes on at the Robert Bosch Centre for Power Electronics, our newly established research and teaching facility.

The program
Two-pronged approach to graduating


The PreMaster Program consists of two phases – practical work in our company followed by study at a university.

While in-house at Bosch, you assume duties associated with your field that will subsequently form the focal point of your master’s degree, e.g. manufacturing, product development or marketing. Depending on when you start, this phase can last up to 12 months. You are given a general introduction to our company and attend at least one specialist seminar reflecting your interests. While becoming thoroughly acquainted with day-to-day and project business in your area, you also get an idea of what goes on in related fields.

With your practical know-how as a launch pad, you then embark on your master’s degree and pursue your preferred specialization. In this phase, too, you can count on our expert guidance on the practical side of things.

There is no set application or starting date for the program. Apply online for vacancies.


How to apply:

For all current PreMaster Program vacancies, please see our job market. You can apply directly online. And if you have any questions or need further information, feel free to contact us.