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B.A.U.M. award
Commended for sustainability


There’s no doubt in Franz Fehrenbach’s mind: there are compelling technological responses to ecological questions. Our chairman of the board of management continues to strengthen his focus on sustainability. He has been leading Bosch for years with a consistent commitment to protecting the environment and conserving resources. That was officially honored in 2009 with the B.A.U.M. environment award. The award highlighted in particular his commitment to the development of forward-looking technologies such as photovoltaics.

The award is conferred annually by B.A.U.M., the German Environmental Management Association which, with 500 members, is European industry’s largest environmental initiative. In addition to many well-known companies, its membership also includes a wealth of associations and institutions.


How Bosch takes responsibility for the environment:

As long ago as 1973, we set ourselves environmental guidelines. Our goal was to make driving safer, cleaner, and more economical. Franz Fehrenbach continues to pursue this green line. He has not only led us into photovoltaics but has also implemented a global environmental management system for the Bosch Group. Its chief goal is to reduce CO2 emissions significantly by 2020. An established compliance and audit program ensures that we keep to our standards.

Franz Fehrenbach has also increasingly steered Bosch on a course toward sustainability. Some 45% of our research and development budget today is dedicated to resource and energy-conserving technologies, and these now account for over a third of our sales. We continue to improve our products’ energy efficiency all the time. And when we engineer new solutions, we make sure from the outset that they are as energy-efficient, recyclable, and safe for people and the environment as possible.