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Biopolymers for the car
Preparing the way for bio cars.


We want to make cars “greener,” not just in terms of fuel consumption or the way they are powered, but also in the way they are manufactured. One solution for this is the use of biopolymers. We are currently testing whether they are suitable for cars. For this, we are combining our automotive know-how with the expertise of plastics specialists. Together, we are researching “biopolyamides in automotive engineering.” In 2009, we received the Association of German Engineers (VDI) Award for Innovative Materials for our efforts.


Unlike previous plastics, biopolymers are based not on crude oil but on renewable resources such as the castor oil plant. These plastics absorb less water, are lighter and at the same time consume fewer resources in their manufacture. In the future, we intend to use them to make engine parts and peripheral equipment. Prototypes already exist.