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CO2-neutral house
We’re making green energy fit for the future.


We want our products to help lower CO2 emissions and fuel consumption around the world. That’s vital for our planet and saves resources. New heating systems already help save large amounts of gas and oil, cutting CO2 emissions significantly. But we can still do better. A test in Canada shows: with Bosch technology, it’s possible for a household to run entirely on renewable energy – at no expense to comfort and at reasonable cost. Plus, with a virtually zero carbon footprint.


CO2-free energy technology put to the test: the “Eco Plus Home”

Working with partners in Canada, we have set ourselves a test: can a family of six live for a whole year in a house that operates solely on renewable energy? Bosch delivered the building technology for the “Eco Plus Home.” An electric heat pump uses geothermal energy, and a solar thermal system generates heat and hot water from free solar radiation. The photovoltaic installation on the roof of the house generates electricity which is fed into the public grid and which the “Eco Plus Home” can draw on if necessary.

The experiment ran throughout 2010 and its energy balance was monitored daily. Despite winter temperatures of -30°C, the house still generated more energy than it consumed. And the family’s carbon footprint was virtually zero.