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Desktop Factory
Efficient manufacturing on a mini scale


Our researchers developed it, our subsidiary Bosch Rexroth implemented it: the Desktop Factory. This is a new concept for assembly lines that offers standardized factories in mini format. The Desktop Factory is fully developed and capable of a variety of uses. Its advantages are huge. It saves space, energy, and costs. And it can be reconfigured flexibly and simply according to requirements.


The principle of the Desktop Factory

The Desktop Factory is based on standardized modules. Various modules, e.g. for assembly, welding or press fitting, can be arranged in sequence in prefabricated plug-in units within one basic frame. Each module represents one operation. In most cases, the modules are no larger than a sheet of paper. The individual modules can be replaced and extended easily, making it fast and simple to adapt to new requirements such as higher production volumes. The degree of automation can also be chosen simply and varied according to demand – from manual workstations to fully automated manufacturing lines. One further advantage is that the modules can be reused, cutting costs and protecting the environment.

The system is designed above all for production lines for smaller products, e.g. switches, thermostats or white goods.