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MEMS sensors
The little technological wonder


MEMS sensors have countless functions. Their capabilities include preventing cars from skidding, making idle electric appliances turn themselves off, or telling a cell phone to call for help if its owner has fallen. These sensors owe their versatility chiefly to our researchers. Pathbreaking developments by Bosch have received numerous awards. That underscores our position at the vanguard of micromechanics.


In 2007, the EU Commission and the European Patent Office awarded our researchers the European Inventor of the Year prize for the “Bosch process.” The plasma etching process we developed for silicon enables large volumes of sensors to be manufactured today at low cost.

The German president’s Deutscher Zukunftspreis went to our researchers in 2008 for the development of new production processes based on the Bosch process. They facilitate the production of many smaller but more powerful sensors. The sensors can now be used in more and more consumer electronics such as notebooks and cell phones, in medical devices, altimeters in watches, and as automatic alarm systems.