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Harnessing the energy sources of the future.


The future belongs to solar energy: it is powerful, inexhaustible, and emission-free. That’s why we are focusing increasingly on photovoltaics. Our technology is already harvesting a great deal of energy from the sun – for example, with large photovoltaic systems made up of powerful solar cells. Four of our solar power plants went into operation in Germany in December 2009 alone. They produce enough power to supply 250 four-person households with electricity for a year.


Examples of our photovoltaic projects

Bosch parking garage with photovoltaic system

In December 2009, our subsidiary Bosch Solar Energy put its first solar power plant into operation. On the roof of the Bosch parking garage in Stuttgart across the A8 freeway, 4,236 silicon modules produce around 870,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. That’s enough to meet the requirements of 250 four-person households per year. And it reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 575 metric tons annually.

Solar power system on department store facade

Our subsidiaries Bosch Solar Energy and Johanna Solar Technology installed a 300 square-meter solar power system featuring thin-film solar modules on the south-facing facade of the Schwager department store in Holzminden (Lower Saxony). At the same time, they fitted the facade with a composite heat insulation system. The solar energy system produces around 19,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. It cuts CO2 emissions by around 12.4 metric tons per year – the equivalent of a mid-sized car traveling 60,000 kilometers.