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Tech Centers in the U.S.
Focused expertise under one roof


In the Tech Centers of Bosch Rexroth in the U.S., we bring together experts from all areas of automation technology, focusing their capabilities and unleashing their creativity in an ultramodern environment. This results in fascinating technical solutions which, for example, make cars more energy-efficient and the manufacture of solar cells more cost-efficient.


Ideas for the automobile and semiconductor industries

Our two Tech Centers in the United States, one not far from Detroit and one close to Silicon Valley, are located near to the hubs of the American auto and semiconductor industries.

Among the innovations our experts are developing and testing in the automotive field are hydraulic hybrid systems, including our hydrostatic regenerative braking system HRB. This was developed specifically for vehicles that have to stop and start frequently, e.g. garbage trucks. With HRB, they consume up to 25% less fuel, suffer less brake lining wear and are also quieter.

Our solutions for the semiconductor industry include prototypes for automation systems such as gripper arms and fixtures for wafer machining. We are thus helping to ensure that solar cells and modules can be manufactured at low cost but to very high quality.

We intend to repeat the success of our U.S. locations on the international stage. Further tech centers are already planned in Europe and Asia.