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Closer to patients with Bosch telehealth


For the chronically ill who need regular medical attention, we provide a practical solution: telehealth. It allows patients to take care of a number of processes themselves – in the comfort of their homes. That saves effort and trips, and it makes patients more confident in managing their illnesses. International studies confirm that telehealth reduces the number of hospital stays. And it enhances patients’ quality of life measurably.


The telehealth system from Bosch Healthcare works on the basis of telecommunications. It brings patients into close contact with their doctors. Doctors can send patients information about their illnesses and ask questions about their current condition. Patients check their own vital signs such as blood pressure or blood sugar daily, and the data is transmitted to the doctor or telehealth professional. The system offers a wealth of benefits: doctors are always up to date on their patients’ health status and can perform such vital functions as adjusting treatment or taking action should their condition worsen. In addition, patients take a more active part in their own treatment and learn how best to manage their illnesses.

Our solutions can be used for a whole range of conditions, such as chronic heart failure (CHF), diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), coronary heart disease, and high blood pressure. They are also ideal for follow-up care after hospital stays.