It pays to work at Bosch


Our compensation for your work is not just good, it’s equitable. Pay structures at Bosch are fair and transparent. After all, we want to build a long-term, successful working relationship with you. We also regularly do market studies to make sure that are employees receive fair wages. We believe that the more you focus on your work, the more you’ll get out of it in terms of performance, recognition and reward.

Options on top of your income


Fair Compensation

At Bosch we conduct regularly a market study to understand better, the salaries offered in the market. Salaries are compared and individual performance is evaluated each year to offer fair and competitive salaries to all employees.

Our Employee Suggestion Scheme

Bosch welcomes your ideas. Suggestions that deliver results, such as optimized processes, waste elimination, improved product quality or relating to health safety and environment, are rewarded with bonuses of up to Rs. 60,000. The success we have demonstrated in gathering associates’ ideas and putting them into practice has helped us reduce costs in a large number of areas over the years.


Support for Miscellaneous Tasks: at the workplace

We want to support our associates also in their extra-work duties. That’s why in some sites we offer dedicated services such as laundry, home appliances repair, or tailoring at attractive low prices. Moreover, through this service our associates don’t have to care anymore about duties such as payments of bills, policies and fines, courier, booking movie tickets or even shopping for basic groceries …very convenient!