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"Bosch is definitely interested in employees health. The sports complex is a true indication of that."

Our cultural, sports, and leisure offerings

At Bosch, there are lots of opportunities to enjoy the company of coworkers, stay fit or pursue a hobby. You decide what’s your idea of fun.

Preventive healthcare
We care about your health


We want you to feel good working at Bosch, in every sense. So we ensure healthy working conditions. What’s more, targeted preventive health measures and consultation are always available to all our employees. In collaboration with health professionals, we have put together an excellent portfolio of offerings from awareness programs to family counselling – most of them free of charge.


Take a look at our health program

Preventive healthcare at Bosch

Since a healthy lifestyle is the best preventive medicine, we actively promote and provide advice on good nutrition. In addition, you can benefit from special workplace interactive sessions, for instance, to help you manage stress or understand the effects of smoking. You can also take the initiative and be a part of the awareness programs which take place on various topics like cancer, diabetes, etc. to keep yourself physically and mentally fit. Not only that, they also help in detection and prevention.


Our company medical officers

Our company medical officers are always ready and willing to help you, providing immediate medical attention and health promoting measures. They also make sure occupational health standards are maintained, which helps prevent workplace related illnesses. Apart from this, they also do a thorough medical check up for all new entrants into Bosch and also advice them of any preventive measures they can take to stay healthy.

Our Counsellors

In most sites where Bosch is located, we have internal counsellors or are connected to an external counsellor for the benefit of our employees. Our counsellors can help you manage difficulties or master stressful issues, whether professional or personal. The activities of our company counsellors include giving advice on managing change or conflict in the workplace, reintegration after absences due to illness, mental stress, or financial issues. They can also initiate helpful intervention when required.