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"Cultural diversity clearly leads to success because it gives you different points of view."

Cultural diversity
Success through intercultural competence


We are confident that our cultural diversity makes us strong. Making the most of it means working well together – in a globally operating company. People from over 60 nations come together at Bosch, so intercultural competence is part of our daily round. We leverage our diversity, pooling and sharing our collective cultural knowledge. Many of our associates also make it part of their personal mission.

We train our associates with intercultural courses, language courses and individual de-velopment programs. We also encourage them to undertake periods of work outside their home countries. We actively promote mutual acceptance and appreciation among the different people who work at Bosch – for instance, through networks, forums and various events.


Examples of intercultural exchange at Bosch

Associate network: Indo-German Forum

The Indo-German Forum is an associate network, quite popular in India. It is a voluntary forum where participants come together once a month to interact with one another. This forum is used mainly by German associates or interns who are in India and also by Indian associates who have gone to Germany or are going in the near future. The group mainly focuses on improving communication, presentation skills, understanding cultures as well as networking with each other through various fun workshops such as photo-story-telling, movie-watching and quiz. This helps promote dialogue and exchange knowledge between the German and Indian cultures.