Marginal Column
Damini Choudhary

“Bosch is a fortune 500 company with its presence all across the globe. It is culturally diverse, has strong values and clear cut goals. This helps us grow professionally”

Equal opportunity
Fairness pays


We promote equal opportunity worldwide. Ultimately, we all benefit from it: People treat each other with greater respect. And their expertise gets to where it can do the most good. We place a special focus on making more of the potential a highly educated and well trained generation of women offers. We have already achieved important milestones. But for us, that is not enough. Our target is clear: more women on all hierarchical levels.


Examples of how we promote equal opportunity

Mentoring programs for women

Mentoring programs play a key role in advancing womens careers. Therefore Bosch aranges for women specialists and executives different mentoring programs. Women with proven experience and potential who are willing to further their growth by seeking new challenges get the opportunity to be guided by a mentor from a senior level. The main focus of the mentoring is to support these women with career planning, personal development and finding solutions in specific professional situations. In addition, the mentees become familiar with a range of different approaches and leadership styles. In this way diversity becomes an increasingly integral and accepted part of everyday working life.


Our Business Women’s Program

This special training program is designed to help women specialists and executives get ahead, with skills such as better negotiation strategies or career planning. The “Gender Talk” seminar, open to men and women, deals with gender-specific topics such as the different ways of doing business, behaviour within teams and life plans. This is how we are strengthening the foundations for positive, effective collaboration between men and women on a lasting basis.

Our women’s network women@bosch

Professional expertise is not the only factor that determines a successful career. Relationships and good networks are just as important. Since several years, female Bosch associates have been using the company’s women’s network, which is now called Women@Bosch, where they can exchange knowledge, provide mutual support across divisions and levels, and gain a voice to promote their interests.


Backstage @ Bosch – Women Special

We want more women to choose technical careers within Bosch. In order to spark their interest at an early stage, we reach out and invite them to our Backstage @ Bosch – Women Special event. At our Backstage @ Bosch event, female students can explore what is an ordinary working day for Bosch female colleagues and they can interact with female Boschlers and get their views. During this day they get the opportunity to visit the technical labs & sites within Bosch. We also show the female students what career opportunities lie in store for them.