Culture, sports and leisure
In the company of co-workers


Bosch can also be the place where you discover your talent, get into shape or share your passion with others. We have countless recreational options for you to unwind or stay fit. Or maybe you’d just like to get to know your co-workers better and have a good time. Anyone can join in. How about you?

Our recreational offerings vary from place to place.


A snapshot of our offerings

Culture: music, dance and drama

Within Bosch we give you ample opportunities to provide entertainment not only for yourself but also to your family and other fine arts lovers residing nearby our company in the field of music, drama, dance etc. A large number of programs and concerts like cultural competitions in the area of dance and singing, annual drama competitions, painting, handicrafts and rangoli competition are held throughout the year. It’s your chance to act as a cultural ambassador for our company and perform at various competitions.


Sports: from cricket to tennis

Keep fit together with co-workers by playing cricket, football and tennis or engaging in such activities as endurance training. In Bosch India, we have a large number of company sports groups where all employees from Bosch are members. A highlight on our recreational calendar is the annual sports meet which happens in most locations . You can demonstrate your prowess in a large number of disciplines. Most of the facilities are available not only to employees of Bosch but also their families. Retired employees also have the opportunity to use these facilities.

Leisure: CSR

In your leisure time, you can engage in our CSR activities. We identify, support and provide platform for organizations taking care of blind children, street children, orphanages etc. to showcase their talent. As a part of CSR, we also identify and support the renowned, veteran scholars, musicians, Drama directors, Technicians, poets, social workers, intellectuals etc.