Marginal Column

Work life balance in my view doesn't mean that you need to go home early everyday, it means that you should be able to go when you need to go.

There are two key ingredients at Bosch that help make the part time and flexi time work model really successful. One is the empowerment the manager provides and the mutual trust between the manager and the employee.

Work and family – with us you can fit in both

We help you to balance the demands of a career and a family. Read up on our solutions.

Flexible work models
Create your own personal freedom of scope


Interested in further training? Or maybe you have other personal commitments or simply want to spend more time with your family. You’re always welcome to talk it over with us. We have lots of ways to make your working hours more flexible. After all, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Together we’ll tailor a schedule to suit your needs and ours.


Understanding our flexible work models

Flexitime – fitting it all in

With flexitime, the choice is yours: you could, for instance, start later and finish later or clock in early to leave early. That way, personal appointments can easily be slotted into the working day.


Part time, smart time

Part-time work at Bosch comes in many guises, from reductions in daily, weekly and monthly hours to job sharing. With us, you can define your workload individually. Of course, as a part-time associate, you’re still eligible for the same opportunities and career advancement options as your full-time co-workers.

Part-time telework – working from two places

Part-time telework allows you to fulfil many of your responsibilities from home. You follow a regular schedule, dividing your time between home and office. That means you can stay in touch with business procedures but also enjoy greater flexibility.


MORE - Mindset ORganisation Executives

At Bosch we set up the MORE project to sensitize our executives to the subject of flexible working. We allow you to experience it for yourselves. As an executive, you get plenty of free rein. As a participant of the project, you are given the opportunity to work in either part-time or flexible time and use the time you gain for other purposes like private life, professional training, etc. You can return to your former work mode once the project is over. The results you will get out of this could be higher personal satisfaction, improvement of qualifications, broadening of your individual horizon, or a better reconciliation of your professional and private life.


You can take a break for say a year to pursue your hobbies or to take care of your children and then return back to Bosch. What’s more? During your sabbatical period a number of facilities that were available to you as an employee of Bosch are still made available like hospitalization insurance. Apart from that you will also still remain a part of Bosch thus not affecting the other conveniences you are entitled for like Gratuity and also Service Awards within Bosch. A number of people at Bosch use this opportunity to pursue their hobbies or spend time with their family, knowing that at the end of that term they can return to Bosch.